Comments of the Week: FIFAFIELD

The smartest, funniest and most insightful comments from the last seven days


"But when FIFA takes all the CoD players.........where does that leave Battlefield? Battlefield is also chasing the CoD dream.

*lightbulb moment*

FIFAFIELD" - TheLastDodo

Get destructible terrain in there and we're in

"Its a open world RPG based on a reversed dimension of game of thrones....Summer is coming" - gunfighterii

Beware the evenly tanned walkers

"Raphael is the best. And toughest. And best looking." - El Mag

CVG endorses this statement

"People will change their tune quite soon, you'll see... Once Nintendo break out the heavy hitters (I'm assuming they'll have a Nintendo Direct event in

conjunction with their small E3 events), such as 3D Mario, Smash Bros and whatever Retro Studios is working on, folks will start clamouring for a Wii U." -


Keep the faith

"£39.99? That better be £19.99 in real money." - ________________

That's roughly what it is in internet money

"It won't feel like a proper launch without a new Ridge Racer." - El Mag

Ridge Racer Reboundeded

"Took about 25 mins, and i had no issues downloading it this morning. What a breath of fresh air it is, actually able to move between apps without having

time to make a cup of tea in between lol. - Flyfetch

Now we'll have to rush the tea making process, it'll probably taste rubbish, and we'll probably burn ourselves. THANKS NINTENDO. Jeez.

"I agree with this, but if the next xbox sells like a bastard for this reason then it's not expanding the games industry as such. It would rather mean that

they are expanding the xbox brand into other industries. What that will mean for games I'm not sure, but it would almost be an admission that they don't make enough money. Games just don't seem to be enough on their own." - Reegeee

No one turns down the chance to make MORE money

"Nobody has to 'win' next gen. This one more than any other has shown that all can survive and do well while providing healthy competition to each other. If

only one is left standing at the end of next gen then gaming will be over. You need strong competition to keep you on your toes, no matter who your

preference is for you need the others to stop yours from becoming complacent." - Barry316