Retro Vault: Call Of Duty, Street Fighter II Turbo

Plus: CVG's first Sonic review, Mario Bros. and an odd PlayStation promo video

Retro Vault is our regular weekly feature in which we dive into gaming's past and share five classic nuggets of retro nostalgia. If you missed last week's Retro Vault you can read it here.


8 April 2003 - The first Call Of Duty screenshot

Ten years ago Activision announced it was working on Call Of Duty, a PC game set to be "a new umbrella brand that lets players experience the dramatic intensity of war through the eyes of common soldiers".

Call Of Duty was developed by Infinity Ward, a new studio put together by Activision consisting former members of 2015 Inc, the team who had developed EA's Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault. Planned as a series from the beginning, the first game takes place during a number of key moments in the British, American and Soviet campaigns during World War II, including the Normandy invasion and the Battle Of The Bulge.

Oddly, to celebrate the news of its new series, Activision decided to accompany the Call Of Duty announcement with a single screenshot, showing a soldier being caught in an explosion in a field while another lies next to a dead cow. As far as first looks go, this was a strange one to go with.

Infinity Ward would go on to develop Call Of Duty 2, as well as the three games in the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare series. The first game, dead cows and all, was re-released on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network where it's currently available to buy under the name Call Of Duty Classic.

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