Battlefield 4 promo poster lists release date, DLC and features

Commander mode, Drone Strike DLC, Battlelog 2.0

A Battlefield 4 promotional poster from an EB Games Australia store lists an October 31 release date for the EA shooter, along with many of the game's features and the name of the first DLC pack.


The poster was obtained by BF4Central, which says it's unclear whether the marketing material was created by EA or EB Games.

Either way, it backs up previous rumours about the Battlefield 4 release date, the first Battlefield 4 DLC, Battlelog 2.0 and the return of features including Commander mode.

The poster offers the following Battlefield 4 details:

  • "Armchair general: Rank up into the seat of the brand new Commander mode and lead your team to victory."
  • "Battlelog 2.0: The next version of the state of the art gaming portal. Track every shot, every opponent, every detail of your online Battlefield career."
  • "Go Premium: Stand out on the battlefield with exclusive uniforms, weapons, and more. Get exclusive expansions, starting with Drone Strike (TBA)."
  • "Thrill Ride: Thrilling singleplayer campaign takes you all over the world as part of an elite squad of soldiers."