Rewatch: God Mode LivePlay

Watch us dive into Atlus's slightly silly co-op shooter

God Mode was released on Xbox Live Arcade last week and hit the PlayStation Store on Tuesday, so we thought it would be a good idea to put it through its paces in tonight's CVG LivePlay.


It's a co-op third-person shooter that does away with complications and strips everything down to the basics - one mode, five maps, thousands of enemies to destroy.

What makes the game interesting is its Test Of Faith modifiers, which add a random surprise to each room - sometimes the enemies will be massive and harder to beat, sometimes your weapon changes every five seconds, sometimes fireballs will rain from the skies.

What we're trying to say is it's a bit insane, which is why we've decided to share it with you tonight. You can watch us playing live from 6pm BST (UK time) - which is 1pm Eastern Time - either below or on our page (subscribe to us!).

As ever, we'll also have our live chat running at the same time so you can share your thoughts with us and other viewers, or generally have a chat about anything gaming. And, as ever, if you can't make it for 6pm we'll replace the stream with the recorded version after the LivePlay's finished.

See you at 6pm!

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