Machinarium hits Vita in EU on May 1

Acclaimed point-and-click game finally gets EU release date

Amanita Design has finally confirmed that Machinarium will release on Vita in Europe on May 1.


First released for PC, Mac and Linux in 2009, the critically-acclaimed point-and-click quest was successful enough to see later releases on PS3, iPad, Android and BlackBerry PlayBook.

The game made its Vita debut in US in March 2013, but until now EU players were left in the dark over its release East of the Atlantic.

Graphics, music and sounds are "presented at full quality" in the Vita version and, as Amanita Design founder and game designer Jakub Dvorský explains, it has several enhancements over the PS3 version too.

The Vita game, he explains, "includes all the enhancements from the PS3 version, but we've added some new features to complement PS Vita's capabilities.

"You can now control the game not only with the system's analogue sticks and buttons, but also directly with your fingers on the touch screen and rear touch panel. We've improved the zoom feature too, so it's more convenient to play the game in a portable capacity."

The game will cost €5.99 and require 330 MB of storage space.