Vita YouTube app gets background running update

Watch videos without closing gaming apps

Vita owners are now able to watch YouTube videos on the portable without having to shut down a suspended game.


Sony quietly announced the update in a recent Twitter post, "New update for YouTube is coming soon, will enable you to watch videos without closing your other applications."

More specifically, the update - which appears to have gone live already - adds background running capabilities to the YouTube app, enabling you to use it without the console forcing you to quit any suspended game applications.

This may prove especially useful to gamers who've become accustomed to using YouTube as a vast resource for game guides, tips and walkthroughs.

Sony has gradually improved the multi-tasking capabilities of its handheld in recent months, with the Vita's on-board web browser having received a similar multi-tasking update in November last year.

Sony recently release Vita System Software update 2.10 which, most notably, added the ability to create Home Screen folders for more efficient app icon management.