'Metallic Gray' DualShock 3 headed to US

Sony shows off new PS3 controller colour

PlayStation 4 may be just around the corner, but Sony isn't finished releasing new peripherals for PS3 just yet.


The platform holder looks set to launch a new 'Metallic Gray' DualShock 3 controller for use with PS3 in the US market soon.

The new controller has appeared on the official PlayStation site, with pictures showing its new outer shell.

There's no price or release date, but you can expect it to arrive in shops in the coming days/weeks, for the typical price of $54.99.

While Sony has recently added DualShock 3 controller support to its Xperia smartphone range, the company has confirmed that PS3's controller will not work with PlayStation 4, which will use the new feature-packed DualShock 4.