Soul Sacrifice trailer details pre-order bonuses

Extra treats offered ahead of the game's release next week

A new trailer for Soul Sacrifice on Vita has been released, showcasing content on offer exclusively to those who pre-order ahead of its release next week.


The game hits retail on April 30 in US and May 1 in EU. Gamers who pre-order before that date will get exclusive access to:

- Two Unique Character costumes
- Three magic items: Spirits Flamepike, Spirits Fulgurwood and Spirits Blightstone
- The original Japanese voice work

Close Close

A substantial Soul Sacrifice demo was released via the PS Store last week, serving up the entire first chapter of the game, playable with up to three friends via online or ad-hoc multiplayer.

SCEA producer Kumi Yuasa warns that online multiplayer support for the demo will end when the game launches.