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Nintendo DS: 9 years, 50 must-own games

As it nears the end of its life, we summarise the best games for Nintendo's dual-screened wonder

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41) Tetris DS

Nintendo / Nintendo SPD Group 2 / 2.07 million sold

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It may offer gameplay that will make Tetris purists baulk (don't get us started on the whole 'Infinite Spin' debate), but while the Game Boy version remains the fan favourite Tetris DS is the finest modern take with retro Nintendo graphics and a load of different game modes, including local multiplayer for up to ten players with only one cartridge.

42) Kirby Super Star Ultra

Nintendo / HAL Laboratory / 2.86 million sold

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An updated DS port of the SNES game Kirby Super Star (Kirby's Fun Park in Europe), Super Star Ultra features six different platform 'games' (each smaller than full-price games), along with a bunch of other mini-games. Kirby may traditionally be quite easy but getting 100% completion on this takes an age.

43) Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

Atlus / Atlus / 260,000 sold

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An immensely deep tactical RPG with a brilliant storyline, Devil Survivor is a worthy spin-off of the main Shin Megami Tensei series in which a trio of teenage students try to save Tokyo from a demon invasion by summoning good demons of their own. If you've got a 3DS we'd recommend getting the enhanced remake, Devil Survivor Overclocked.

44) Super Scribblenauts

Warner Bros Games / 5th Cell / 1.35 million sold

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Its actual mission-based gameplay may be a bit hit or miss, but Super Scribblenauts' fun is in its various playgrounds, where players can just mess around by spawning anything they can think of (you simply write the word to create one of tens of thousands of objects) and seeing how they interact with other objects or creatures. If you're imaginative, this is great fun.

45) Mario Vs Donkey Kong 2: March Of The Minis

Nintendo / Nintendo Software Technology / 1.16 million sold

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Nintendo's take on Lemmings is a quirky puzzler in which players guide tiny clockwork Marios to the end of each stage while ensuring their safety. Controlling them with the stylus is a cinch and the boss battles - in which players fire them out of a cannon at Donkey Kong - are a joy too.

46) Infinite Space

Sega / Platinum Games / 170,000 sold

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One of the DS's most elusive hidden gems, Platinum Games' Infinite Space is a real-time RPG set in space, which allows you to customise your own spaceship with over 150 different models and more than 150 different crew members. It's very difficult to get into and is absolutely massive, but get over the daunting first few hours and this will plonk a big black hole next to your free time.

47) Pokemon Conquest

Nintendo / Tecmo Koei / 900,000 sold

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This is an odd crossover between Pokémon and long-running Japanese turn-based strategy series Nobunaga's Ambition, in which Pokémon accompany the real-life warriors of 16th century Japan. Bizarre premise aside, Conquest manages to be both approachable to younger gamers and deep enough to challenge experts.

48) Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes

Ubisoft / Capybara Games / 160,000 sold

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Much like Puzzle Quest before it, Clash Of Heroes combines puzzle gameplay with combat but also throws in a grid to add tactical turn-based strategy elements to proceedings too. A curious blend of genres but one that works in perfect harmony.

49) Sonic Rush

Sega / Dimps / 3.04 million sold

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Sonic's first DS adventure makes clever use of both screens by tossing Sonic between the two at various points in the level to make the action even harder to keep track of. The introduction of Blaze The Cat as a second playable character adds to the variety.

50) Aliens Infestation

Sega / WayForward / 110,000 sold

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Despite having the Aliens name behind it, Infestation was released months after the 3DS had already come out and as such was roundly ignored. It's a shame, because it's one of the finest games ever based on the Aliens films, with fantastic side-scrolling Metroidvania action courtesy of 2D experts WayForward.
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