Giveaway: Get your Anno Online beta key

Ubisoft kicks off English closed beta

Anno Online is the latest free-to-play browser game in Ubisoft's successful strategy series and we've got hundreds of beta keys to give away.


Developed by Blue Byte Software, the sim allows players to build and manage medieval cities, eventually building an economic and commercial empire to rule the world.

Beginning on your own island, you'll construct and develop a metropolis and grow a commercial empire, managing production, constructing new buildings and facing new challenges as your population's demands and habits evolve.

In a first for the Anno series, you'll be able to join a world of other merchants online and have the opportunity to congregate in powerful guilds and join server-wide quests.

To gain access to the Anno Online English closed beta phase, simply follow the instructions below.

How to redeem the codes

1. Head here:
2. Fill out the input fields to register or click on "Uplay" to enter your Uplay account
3. Click on "LOGIN" to proceed to the next step
4. Enter your avatar name and select a gameworld/server you want to play on
5. Click on "PLAY NOW" to go to the Beta activation window
6. Enter your Beta key
7. Click on "SEND ENTRY" to activate your key
8. Click "OK" in the confirmation window
9. Click on "PLAY NOW" again to enter the game