Mikami: 'survival horror as a genre is becoming all action'

Resident Evil creator wants to return the genre to a scarier place

Shinji Mikami has suggested that the survival horror genre has lost its way.


Speaking to IGN about his new game, Bethesda's The Evil Within, the Resident Evil creator said he was inspired to return to the genre because he wanted to make a "real survival horror game".

Mikami said: "My definition of survival horror is that first of all it has to be scary. And then you have some kind of scary creature, and you get a rush from blowing it away. A good balance of those two things is what makes survival horror.

"For me, personally, why I came back to survival horror is that survival horror as a genre is becoming all action now and there aren't any real survival horror games in the world right now. That is the biggest motivation for me."

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