Wait... what? The 10 weirdest rewards for finishing games

Dogs, tofu and fat Drake

You've sweated it out. You've got 100% completion. You've watched the end credits. What have the developers got in store as a reward for all your efforts? If you answered 'a giant slab of tofu', then you're going to love the list below: 10 games, 10 bizarre rewards for finishing them...



After hacking and slashing their way through to the end of the story for the first time, players of Kratos' original adventure gained access to The Challenge of the Gods. To complete this new mode you then had to beat ten challenges of increasing difficulty, covering the full range of enemies and moves encountered in the game, to emerge as a true champion.

This feat unlocked a number of bonus costumes that could be worn by Kratos in subsequent playthroughs, and although the Ares Armour made sense in the context of the game - he was the original god of war, after all - the other outfits were a bit more left field. Although these were mainly based on puns around the game's setting in Greek mythology, they did at least give players various boosts for wearing them.

There was Chef of War, where Kratos donned a bloodstained apron and switched his Blades of Chaos for frying pans, whereas Bubbles wore a pair of swimming shorts and a snorkel while dishing out attacks with his flippers. Tycoonius appeared in a black business suit and used large briefcases to tackle enemies, but strangest of all was Dairy Bastard - for which Kratos appeared in a full cow outfit, udders and all, while swinging jugs of milk around.



Surviving the horrors of Dead Space 2 was tough enough already, but after reaching the conclusion for the first time players unlocked the promising-sounding Hard Core mode. On this difficulty setting enemies were tougher than before, ammo was much more scarce and New Game+ saves could not be transferred over so you had to start off with just the basic weapons and suit.

To make this even more challenging, you were only allowed to use three save points for the entire duration of the game, meaning that meticulous planning was required and hours of progress could be lost with a single mistake. For those with the skill and perseverance to withstand this ordeal, the ultimate prize was a peculiar new weapon known as the Hand Cannon.

On the surface this appeared to just be a large novelty foam hand, the type you might see at sporting events, but it's actually the most powerful weapon available in the game. Its two fire methods were described as "Bang Bang" and "Pew Pew Pew", both of which Isaac exclaimed as you pulled the trigger, and any enemies you targeted with it instantly exploded in a shower of limbs for an instant kill.



Resident Evil 2 offered you the choice to play as either Leon S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield, showing different sides of the story depending on the character picked. After beating the game players were given a ranking for their performance, based on the time taken to complete, number of saves made, weapons and health item used etc.

By finishing both Leon and Claire's scenarios with the top 'A' ranking a minigame called 'The Fourth Survivor' was unlocked, in which you needed to guide an Umbrella operative codenamed HUNK through Raccoon City with a sample of the G-Virus. This was canon to events of the main game, but by completing both characters' scenarios another two times (making six playthroughs in total) a much stranger version was unlocked - 'The Tofu Survivor'.

In that version players needed to steer a huge block of curd, originally created to test the game's collision detection, through the same gauntlet as HUNK but armed with just a combat knife. Tofu would swear in Japanese when attacked, and gradually turned from milky white to blood red as damage was inflicted. Sadly things didn't work out well for Tofu, as if you made it through to the end of the challenge HUNK could be seen eating it in the helicopter during the closing video.

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