Sony learnt pricing lessons from PS3 launch, exec suggests

Worldwide Studios VP wants console to appeal to "gamers in the broadest sense"

Sony has learnt pricing lessons from the PS3 launch, Worldwide Studios vice president Michael Denny has suggested.


The console launched with an RRP of £425/€599/$599 that slowed its adoption, and while Sony has yet to reveal PS4 pricing plans, its experience this generation will play a factor when it comes to determining the cost of the upcoming system.

Asked if PS4 will launch with a more competitive price point than PS3, Denny told Edge: "There's plenty of time, we've got lots of information yet to give out on PlayStation 4.

"The initial announcement phase that we're in now is just to explain the vision to everybody. Part of that vision is we have created a console absolutely focused on gamers - and we want that to be gamers in the broadest sense as well. I think to some extent I can ask you to draw your own conclusions."

Asked to what extent Sony's experience of the PS3 price point hampering initial momentum influenced decisions on the technical specifications of the new console, Denny said: "I guess the first thing to say is that we listen and learn and take the judgement from every console launch we ever have and we have to be informed by what the strengths of our PlayStation 3 system have been, but also the challenges of that.

"We want a system that can reach as broad a gaming audience as possible but whilst being a system that's deep, connected, rich and immersive and is going to give a very focused and differentiated experience than anything else that's out there."

Sony revealed PS4 in February, when it confirmed a PS4 release date of "holiday 2013" in at least one of Japan, Europe and the US.