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Vote now: Your most anticipated games of 2013

This week CVG readers declared Tomb Raider as the best game release released in the first quarter of 2013. This week's vote switches to the other side of the calendar, as we ask you to vote on the most anticipated game of 2013.


Despite PS4's line-up remaining not yet fully divulged - and Microsoft's Xbox plans under wraps entirely - there's still an incredible amount to look forward to in the tail end of the year, including a new Mario, Ubisoft's Watch Dogs and a certain sequel called GTA V.

Below is the list of 2013's upcoming games, presented in no particular order. Rate each game 1-10, or press the skip button for games you haven't tried yet. Don't be shy about giving us more detail on your scores in the comments field below too.


Battlefield 4

Format: Xbox 360, PS3, PC | Developer: DICE | Publisher: EA | Out: Autumn

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Your vote Current: 4.6


  • 8.4 

    1: Grand Theft Auto V

  • 7.7 

    2: Watch Dogs

  • 6.6 

    3: The Last of Us

  • 6.6 

    4: Batman: Arkham Origins

  • 6.3 

    5: Assassin's Creed: Black Flag

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