Comments of the Week: 'I used to pretend a plastic bag was my pet'

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Bleszinski thinks 'always online future is coming fast'
"And I think that he speaks pish. Always online is stupid and ridiculous, not only do a lot of people not like it, cannot make use of it in spare rooms, visiting people or whatever, but think about non-western or developed markets which are the emerging markets in China, India, Brazil blah blah. If they're only interested in selling games to the percentage of the developed market who don't mind always online, they deserve to go bust and not moan about it when it happens."
- Asinine
Mind you, if their internet is down it's not like they'd be able to.

Flashback HD announced for XBLA, PSN
"It's the only way this could be done, cos as much as I loved the original at the time, if you play it today it has aged pretty terribly. Really bloody slow and taking ten minutes to line yourself up for every jump is a pain in the arse. What used to pass as amazing animation now seems annoyingly unresponsive. Hopefully they improve it a bit here. Should hopefully feel a little like Shadow Complex being the Unreal Engine."
- Reegeee
Stop ruining our childhoods, damn you!

Free-to-play schemes could be unlawful, warns Office of Fair Trading
"What's that sound? Do you hear it? ... That is the sound of all the rip off Pay to Win game devs collectively filling their undergarments with arse butter."
- MrPirtniw
To be fair, margarine is a 79p in-app purchase.

Dishonored DLC gameplay trailer: The Knife of Dunwall
"I love Dishonored, I love it so very much. I want to marry it and father its children, and then have a three-way with it and its DLC packs. And then maybe cheat on it, toss it aside and have a dirty affair with Thief.
- Jimmy Luxury
Giving new meaning to Dishonored, there.

Men's Room Mayhem for Vita rated by Australian classification board
"Sounds like a George Michael video."
- 360_Fan

Disney Infinity: Toy Box trailer shows creative possibilities
"I do not envy parents having to endlessly shell out for new characters for this in order to pacify their quick tempered offspring. Skylanders characters are ridiculously overpriced and it stands to reason Disney Infinity will be the same. As a child I got hours of entertainment from just tying a piece of sting to a plastic bag and pretending it was a pet, it seems the price of peace and quiet is much higher these days."
- ladycroft142
"You young whippersnappers, you don't know how good you've got it with your organic pets."

Channel 4 secures UK Draw Something game show
"If they're going to reboot Win, Lose Or Draw then really they should just extend the '...Late' version that pops up on Challenge TV from time to time. Game shows have moved on - this isn't a strong enough format without knob jokes and Liza Tarbuck."
- beemoh
And at the end of the day, isn't that what life is all about?

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon due in May; is a standalone title

"Well, that's a Far Cry from what I was expecting! I'll get my coat"
- H0P5

Don't leave, this is the kind of thing CVG wholly endorses.

"Is this the definition...of Insanity?"
- Subject J80

Spoilers: They make that joke in the game. Sorry...

EA voted 'Worst Company in America' in consumer poll

"Worst gaming company? Possibly. Worst company overall? Almost certainly not. Not that technicalities matter anyway, if EA accidentally discovered the cure for cancer tomorrow people would call them ***** for putting cancer researchers out of a job.


New consoles unlikely to cure 'sick retail market', says BioWare co-founder

Because the market in Britain is so extraordinarily competitive (too many people wanting a slice of the pie) that retailers are constantly trying to undercut the competition. This has lead to a market where nearly every game is sold below R.R.P., and devalues at an astonishing rate. This, in turn, has completely distorted the British gamer's view on value.It's not that digital downloads should be cheaper (although in some cases (e.g. FIFA 13) that is true), it's that boxed retail games should be more expensive than the insanely low prices that exist in the British market.

That wouldn't be a popular view, because, let's face it, nobody wants to spend more money. But the long terms effects of this undervaluation could be catastrophic for the retail games market in Britain.

In my opinion, the market in Britain, such as it is, is unsustainable, and it's only a matter of time before we see another video games market crash.

tl;dr: Buying games only when they're at rock bottom prices is killing the retail market.
- KesMonkey

Well said