Level-5 making PS4 game, exploring network features

Ni no Kuni studio may announce new project "soon"

Level-5 is working on a PS4 game that looks set to make use of the upcoming console's network features.


Akihiro Hino, CEO of the Professor Layton and Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch studio, told Nikkei (via Gematsu): "It's still in the planning stages, but we are also working on a PlayStation 4 title. We might be able to announce it soon.

"PlayStation 4 is next-gen hardware built with the network in mind, so more than graphics performance and specs, we need to think about communication - how to use the network features."

Sony revealed PS4 in February, when it confirmed a PS4 release date of "holiday 2013" in at least one of Japan, Europe and the US. And in a new interview with Edge, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said that while it's "just natural" for the firm to enhance the core technology and performance of its consoles, hardware isn't the biggest focus for the company.

"When you look at the five key principles behind designing PS4, none of them are hardware related, actually," he said. "It's all about how people use and experience, enjoy games, realised by the system software features and network functions."