Lulzsec Sony and Nintendo hacker pleads guilty in court

Four members of the hacker collective to be sentenced on May 14

A fourth member of hacker group Lulzsec has pleaded guilty to carrying out cyber-attacks that disrupted the websites of companies including Sony and Nintendo.


Ryan Ackroyd, 26, entered his guilty plea at a hearing in London today. He will be sentenced on May 14 along with the three other hackers, Bloomberg reports.

Last year, Lulzsec members Ryan Cleary and Jake Davis both pleaded guilty to multiple counts of conspiracy related to website attacks on Sony, Nintendo the NHS and a raft of other institutions.

The group used distributed denial of service attacks on a number of video game companies between February and September 2011.

They modified some computers, including adjusting security settings and access to confidential data, and redirected visitors to Lulzsec websites.

Teenager Mustafa Al-Bassam also previously pleaded to disrupting websites at the Central Intelligence Agency and the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency.