MS working on Xbox Live matchmaking and account issues

Minecraft save game loading issues also persist for Silver members

Microsoft is working to fix matchmaking and account issues some Xbox Live users are currently experiencing.


According to the online service's status page, Xbox 360 users may experience difficulties joining other members in online games.

Users may find also themselves unable to pay for DLC with a credit card across Xbox 360, Games for Windows Live, Windows 8, Windows Phone, and the Zune PC Client.

"You probably keep seeing this weird '8016761b' error code," Microsoft says. "Our team is working super hard to get everything back to normal for you. Thank you for being patient with us and check back in 30 minutes for another update!"

Additionally, the platform holder says it's aware that XBL Silver members are still experiencing problems attempting to load saved games in Minecraft.

"Thanks for being patient as we work to fix this issue! We'll post an updated message for you when we have more information."