Ex-Metroid Prime devs were working on a Mega Man FPS reboot

Videos and screens released for now cancelled Capcom project

A trio of key Metroid Prime developers who left Retro Studios to start up their own development studio briefly worked on a proposed Mega Man FPS reboot titled Maverick Hunter, it has been revealed.


While representatives from developer Armature Studio wouldn't comment on the project and Capcom declined to acknowledge its past existence, Polygon sources have divulged a tonne of details about the proposed reboot.

The site has also published a number of screenshots and videos showing off what an insider called a "proof of concept build rather than something intended as the real game or even a vertical slice".

The game was reportedly cancelled upon or around the announcement of Mega man creator Keiji Inafune's departure from Capcom in October 2010. The character's 25th anniversary passed last year.