Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon gameplay video emerges

Fifteen minutes of purple '80s sci-fi

Fifteen minutes of in-game footage from Ubisoft's forthcoming Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has appeared online.

The videos show basic gameplay mechanics similar to Far Cry 3, with enemy tagging and stealth elements intact. The cutscenes and visuals however are reminiscent of late '80s computer game graphics.

The videos follows several weeks of leaks including the game's initial discovery, a website launch, and two sets of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon screenshots.

According to a listing on the Xbox Marketplace website, the game will be standalone and is set to release on May 1.

[UPDATE: The full Far Cry 3: Bloody Dragon game has allegedly leaked online thanks to a vulnerability in Ubisoft's Uplay launcher. Ubisoft is yet to comment.]