Rock Band DLC removed as licensing agreements expire

Harmonix working on extending licenses

Harmonix has announced that licensing for some Rock Band songs have expired since the commencement of DLC purchases five years ago, resulting in their removal from the Rock Band store.


Making the announcement on the Rock Band Facebook page, Harmonix said that customers will start to see earlier legacy DLC tracks removed from the Rock Band store as the licensing agreements expire.

As of now the only content affected is the Metallica Pack 01, along with tracks Ride The Lightning, And Justice For All, and Blackened, all of which been removed from the store.

Removal from the PlayStation Store, Xbox Marketplace and Nintendo Community is set for the near future.

Harmonix is working on extending the licenses "to minimise the impact on the RB catalog and RB community," however the company warns there may be a limited number of songs that will be removed from the Rock Band store completely.

This will not affect those who have already purchased the tracks. Tracks are still owned by those who bought them, and therefore are still playable.

Harmonix said that "if for any reason you need to re-download this content (i.e. in cases of console transfer, hard drive space management, etc.) you should be able to do so even if that content is no longer available for new purchasers in the store."

Harmonix officially ended its DLC updates for Rock Band last week.