Next-gen Xbox to lack backwards compatibility - report

Bloomberg backs up May reveal reports

The next-generation Xbox will not support backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games, claims a new report.


Citing 'people with knowledge of the matter', Bloomberg says that the console's shift away from the Power PC architecture of the Xbox 360 to the new x86 platform will render the console incompatible with Xbox 360 software.

This comes as little surprise, especially considering the PS4 will lack backwards compatibility with PS3 games for much the same reason, although Sony has said it is "exploring" the possibility of making PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS Mobile games ubiquitous to any platform, including PS4, using Gaikai cloud streaming technology.

As has been previously suggested, Bloomberg reports that the new Xbox will be powered by processors from AMD - who will also provide innards for Sony's PlayStation 4 - with a powerful 'system-on-a-chip' solution that combines the CPU and GPU on a single chip codenamed 'Jaguar'.

Bloomberg also backs up reports from earlier today that Microsoft had planned to unveil the console in April but has pushed back its plans to a possible May event.

The report suggests that an E3 reveal is also under consideration.

The Verge today reported that Microsoft's big reveal will come at an event on May 21, corroborating with a report from US reporter Paul Thurrott, who is well known in technology circles for his Microsoft leaks.