BioShock Infinite alternate cover art released

Several alternative box covers available for print

As promised, Irrational Games has released alternative cover artwork for BioShock Infinite owners to print out.


Last year Irrational held a vote on which art should be used for a reversible cover for the game, following controversy over the developer's original choice of art.

Several images were up for vote and one was chosen. Now, owners of the game can download the other nominees for printing, along with some more new designs for your consideration.

You can download the new box art from the official site for the platform of your choice.

The game released on March 26 to widespread critical acclaim, scoring a 9.1/10 in CVG's praising BioShock Infinite review.

BioShock Infinite's VP of development Rod Fergusson confirmed today that he is leaving Irrational Games. The former Gears of War producer quit Epic and joined Irrational as VP of development on BioShock Infinite in late 2012.