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Final Countdown? A closer look at Xbox 360's 2013 games line-up

As the generation comes to a close, there's still much to look forward to...

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Watch Dogs

Release: Q4 2013


One of the most exciting new IPs to be unveiled in recent years, Watch Dogs stole the show when it was first announced at E3 2012, being almost universally acclaimed by an industry starved of original new properties. Watch Dogs combines elements of shooter, action and open-world genres as players take on the role of one of the eponymous Watch Dogs, covert, high-tech guardians policing the criminal underground of a futuristic version of Chicago. The interaction of emergent gameplay, sophisticated IT systems and a highly detailed environment should combine to make this one of the most intriguing open-world games in a while. Our extended Watch Dogs feature explains how this is the game that won E3.


Release: May 28 (US), May 31 (EU)

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Two things to remember about Race Driver: GRID 2: it's fast, and it's gorgeous. While other racers have been putting increasing focus on making the cars crash, GRID endeavours to keep you on the track - the series' trademark Flashback function returns, allowing players to rewind collisions and correct the errors leading up to the fatal moment. There'll be some changes to Flashback, but Codemasters are keeping tight-lipped until nearer release. Other, brand new features include LiveRoute, which will dynamically change the route of a track between laps of a race, and the integration of Codemasters' cross-game online service, RaceNet.

GRID 2 is shaping up to be an excellent racer, with the PC version a genuinely next-gen experience. We've loved what we've seen of it so far.


Release: 2013

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The scant words from new helmers Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura suggest Dark Souls 2 will take a new direction, and be "more straightforward and more understandable" than the first two. Let's hope that doesn't translate into too easy, thereby sacrificing the game's design crux.

Shots of the protagonist battling off numerous enemies using dual wielding, and ripping arrows from his torso, might point to a newly accessible bent, but one that could have the side effect of shedding light on vague franchise mythology. Actually, the Kingdom of Lordran, wherein Dark Souls takes place, is quite literally illuminated early on in the trailer, albeit from a distance. Could this be your first pilgrimage to the place, making this... a prequel?

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