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Final Countdown? A closer look at Xbox 360's 2013 games line-up

As the generation comes to a close, there's still much to look forward to...

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Splinter Cell Blacklist

Release: August 23 (EU), August 20 (US)


The newest instalment of the stealth-action series sees Sam Fisher take charge of the Fourth Echelon and bring the fight to a new global terrorist threat. Splinter Cell: Blacklist promises to offer three different play styles of 'ghost', 'panther' and 'assault' allowing players to tackle the game in the way which suits them. Naturally Fisher also has an arsenal which might attract envious glances from Bond's Q division. As well as an enhanced single player game, Blacklist will also feature the classic multiplayer spies vs mercs mode. Check out our Splinter Cell Blacklist gameplay preview for the freshest word on Splinter Cell's return.

South Park: Stick of Truth

Release: 2013


Obsidian Entertainment's fantasy RPG South Park: The Stick Of Truth is based on Trey Parker and Matt Stone's sublimely offensive animated series. It sees players take on the role of a kid from the titular town in a game which mirrors the episode The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers. Expect plenty of high fantasy shenanigans and biting satire in the world of Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman and other regulars from the show, in one of the first games that could be genuinely funny in its own right. Creators Parker and Stone have taken time off from the Book of Mormon to get involved directly in development and with three DLC packs already announced, it could run and run.

Star Trek

Release: April 26 (EU)


JJ Abrahams' reboot of the Star Trek universe has opened up new worlds for gaming to explore and its first fruit is Digital Extremes' third-person action adventure featuring the likenesses of Chris Pine and Zachary Quint. Set between the JJ Abrahams' first Star Trek movie and movie sequel Into Darkness, Star Trek: The Game is set to feature one of The Original Series' favourite villains the Gorn, adding plenty of (lizard) flesh to its bones. Check out our latest Star Trek preview where we dub it 'the ultimate sci-fi buddy comedy.'

An immersive co-op experience is promised for two players teaming up, and as each has their own distinct abilities they'll need to help each other out - Kirk may have the superior firepower, but you'll also require Spock's mind control and environment scanning skills to succeed. Oh, and there'll be laser combat and planetary exploration too.

Tomb Raider

Release: 2013

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The return of Lara Croft was an exemplary origin story which saw Tomb Raider returned to her teenage years and become shipwrecked on a mysterious desert island, fighting for survival. It's here Lara first learned the skills and acrobatic abilities which would ultimately serve her so well in her chosen career. A enjoyable reboot of a much loved franchise which was frankly in need of a fresh angle, our Tomb Raider review called it "violent, scary, ambitious and inventive." In a first for the series, the game also added a set of multiplayer modes, Survivors versus Scavengers, which our reviewer praised for its 'frantic pace and entertaining mix of abilities and objectives."


Release: May 28 (US), May 31 (EU)

Close Close

Fuse is a co-op shooter defined by its arsenal of alien technology, which your squad of agents use to cut throats under the cover of invisibility or tear through enemies using a devastating electric crossbow. The decision to rebrand the previously colourful game with a more conventional aesthetic style was received negatively by those enthused by the original reveal, but the developers hope a focus on outlandish gunplay will be enough to distinguish Fuse from the competition.

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