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Final Countdown? A closer look at Xbox 360's 2013 games line-up

As the generation comes to a close, there's still much to look forward to...

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Gears of War: Judgment

Release: Out now

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Taking the form of a prequel to the mighty Marcus and Dom saga, Gears of War Judgment sees you take on the role of Kilo squad under GOW vet Damon Baird, back in the days when he was a lieutenant. Our Gears of War Judgment review called the game 'as drum tight as ever' although conceded that 'after three games, it somehow feels less special.' Still, an authentic eight hour campaign, impressive class-based multiplayer and a glimpse into the early days of the Cole train, meant it provided a meaty experience for fans.

Lost Planet 3

Release: June 25 (US), June 28 (EU)

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Capcom may have farmed out this prequel to western developer Spark Unlimited, whose CV includes shonky twosome Turning Point: Fall of Liberty and Legendary , but Lost Planet 3 looks decent. A return to the sub zero wilderness of EDN III will see a change of pace for Capcom's action adventure series. Monsters, mechs and massive battles remain a priority, but gone is the emphasis on co-op and in its place is a new narrative focus.

Gameplay is like a cross between Dead Space and Monster Hunter with horror, suspense and collectibles lurking around every corner. Look out for 'struggles' (read: QTEs) where you have to free yourself from the grasp of deadly Akrid aliens, and huge and devastating mechsuits. With the chance to upgrade these by completing side-quests in an open world, as well as new weapons and other goodies, it could yet be one of this year's better games.

Metro: Last Light

Release: May 14 (EU), May 17 (US)


The sequel to the much underrated Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light continues the story of fledgling ranger Artyom as both he and the remnants of humanity struggle to survive in the aftermath of an apocalypse. Set in the subterranean world of the Moscow underground, Last Light will chronicle the struggle between fascist, communist and polis factions as they fight for control of the powerful weapons and technology of the D12 complex. A dark, bleak, superbly atmospheric shooter, 4A's Last Light is one of the most eagerly anticipated sequels of the year and our recent Metro: Last Light Preview will bring you up to speed on all you need to go underground.

Remember Me

Release: June 4 (US), June 7 (EU)

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Looking past the Uncharted-inspired chase sequences and Batman: Arkham City-esque combat shows an intriguing premise dictating the design of Remember Me. You play as Nilin, a memory hunter whose own memory has been erased and who's fighting against her former employer Memoreyes to find out why. Set in the streets of Neo Paris in 2084, stealth, action and an advanced combo system, plus the ability to 'remix' memories mark this as one to watch in 2013.

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