EA's reaction to 'Worst Company in America' poll: 'We can do better'

Peter Moore tackles burning issues as firm looks set to take the title... again

EA chief operating officer Peter Moore has defended the company in a long blog post regarding EA's position in an online poll that seeks to name the 'Worst Company in America'.


EA took the title last year ahead of corporations like Bank of America and AT&T in a contest voted for by more than 250,000 consumers, and looks set to top the pole - hosted by consumer affairs site The Consumerist - again in 2013.

"We can do better. We will do better," is Moore's message to fans and the firm's 'legion of critics', but in the post Moore also candidly discusses some of the firm's recent missteps, and tackles a number of burning topics head-on.

"Let me cut to the chase: it appears EA is going to 'win'," said Moore of the ongoing poll. "Like the Yankees, Lakers and Manchester United, EA is one of those organizations that is defined by both a legacy of success, and a legion of critics (especially me regarding all three of those teams).

"Are we really the 'Worst Company in America?' I'll be the first to admit that we've made plenty of mistakes. These include server shut downs too early, games that didn't meet expectations, missteps on new pricing models and most recently, severely fumbling the launch of SimCity. We owe gamers better performance than this," he admitted.

Moore went on to tackle a number of EA-related hot topics, including SimCity's always-online requirement, free--to-play games, micro transactions and Origin.

"Many continue to claim the Always-On function in SimCity is a DRM scheme. It's not. People still want to argue about it. We can't be any clearer - it's not. Period," he said.

"Some claim there's no room for Origin as a competitor to Steam. 45 million registered users are proving that wrong.

"Some people think that free-to-play games and micro-transactions are a pox on gaming. Tens of millions more are playing and loving those games."

Moore goes on to conclude, "We are committed to fixing our mistakes. Over the last three weeks, 900,000 SimCity players took us up on a free game offer for their troubles. We owed them that. We're constantly listening to feedback from our players, through our Customer Experience group, Twitter, this blog, or other sites. The feedback is vital, and impacts the decisions we make.

"Each year EA interacts with more than 350 million gamers; Origin is breaking records for revenue and users; The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Real Racing 3 are at the top of the mobile charts; Battlefield 3 and FIFA are stunning achievements with tens of millions of players; and SimCity is being enjoyed by millions of passionate fans all over the world.

"Every day, millions of people across globe play and love our games - literally, hundreds of millions more than will vote in this contest. So here's my response to this poll: We can do better. We will do better. But I am damn proud of this company, the people around the globe who work at EA, the games we create and the people that play them," said Moore.

You can read Moore's full post over on the official blog.