Company of Heroes 2 pre-order bonuses include campaign DLC

Plus army and vehicle customisation items

Sega has detailed a number of pre-order bonuses for Company of Heroes 2.


Customers who pre-order from participating retailers will receive post-launch access to a 'Theatre of War' mini-campaign offering a new single player WW2 story.

They'll also get Winter Ambush and Voronezh Front skin packs to customise the appearance of their multiplayer vehicles, plus two new multiplayer commanders to customise each army.

The German army will receive the Joint Operations Doctrine, specializing in precise artillery strikes and the Offensive Spearhead Doctrine for players who want to use heavy armour and airstrikes to crush their opponent. The Soviets will unlock the devastating Anti-Infantry Tactics Doctrine, enabling units like flamethrower tanks and the Conscript Support Tactics Doctrine which allows for rapid reinforcement in the heat of battle.

A closed Company of Heroes 2 beta kicked off last week ahead of the Company of Heroes 2 release date of June 25, 2013.