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April marks the end of the first calendar quarter of 2013 and it's been an inordinately busy opener with a number of blockbusters and cult classics already vying for your cash. But what games have you bought and which would you recommend?

CVG will be running a ratings poll every three months to shape a community view on the latest and greatest games. This is open to all titles across all platforms that CVG's review team has recommended.

Below is the list of Q1's best games, presented in chronological order. Rate each game 1-10, or press the skip button for games you haven't tried yet. Don't be shy about giving us more detail on your scores in the comments field below too.

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Anarchy Reigns

Developer: Platinum Games Publisher: Sega Release date: From January 11
Anarchy Reigns Review
CVG's verdict: Despite the odd sloppy moment, this is a deep, thoughtful and unique online scrapper - but offline, it's infinitely missable.
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  • 8.5 

    1: Tomb Raider

  • 7.9 

    2: BioShock Infinite

  • 6.1 

    3: Crysis 3

  • 6.0 

    4: Metal Gear Rising Revengance

  • 5.8 

    5: God of War: Ascension

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