Ask CVG Anything: Your dream game, most memorable ending?

Plus: Have achievements changed gaming, and is there too much hand-holding?

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Do you think there is a chance of light gun games getting a revival with Wii U's attachment and Move being used for PS4? - sevvybgoode
Chris - Well, we already sort of saw it with the Wii, when we got a bunch of light gun games on that - House Of The Dead Overkill, Ghost Squad, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, Dead Space Extraction, Link's Crossbow Training and the like - and most of those were later ported to PS3 when the Move was released. I'm up for it, as long as they have enough depth to justify full price. Maybe they'd be best as PSN or Wii U eShop titles for a tenner a go.
Rob - You highlight a great point, Sevvybgoode, in that control systems beyond basic pads will be standard in next gen systems, and that in turn will give studios more confidence to venture into other genres. With regards to light gun games, I'm not sure much will change. They're always going to be around in some form or another, but won't likely be a massively popular or overused genre.

What titles that didn't get a PAL release would you like to see finally make it to these shores? By the way, my vote is Xenogears - sevvybgoode
Chris - Have you got all day? Hmmm. Earthbound is an obvious contender, as is Segagaga, the mental Dreamcast game Sega created about itself shortly before it pledged never to make consoles. After Fire Emblem Awakening sparked a new-found interest in turn-based strategy games, I'd also like to see Namco X Capcom (unlikely as that is). Oh, and I want to see a big compilation of DJMax games. I don't want much, really.
Rob - Me and Chris are a bit different on this one. I'm not looking out for anything. I once really wanted to play the Half-Life 2 arcade cabinet in the UK, but that's about it!

Do you think Nintendo should launch a brand new main IP to go alongside their others that's more focused on the so-called "hardcore" gamer? If so, what type of IP/game do you think it should be? - Pip Turner
Chris - I honestly don't. If these so-called "hardcore" gamers were truly hardcore then they'd recognise a good game when they see one and would be perfectly happy with the likes of Fire Emblem Awakening, Luigi's Mansion 2, Pikmin 3,
Rob - This is actually a much, much harder question than it sounds.

The first issue to overcome is to question whether Nintendo has a hardcore audience. As in; an audience that wants to play Call of Duty and Devil May Cry and Dishonored.

My suspicion is yes, some Wii U and 3DS owners would like these games, but not enough of them for it to be worth Nintendo investing millions of development cash into development of such games.

Forking out on developing major games like Mario, Pikmin and Zelda are still sure-fire hits that appeal to a broad range of audiences, and let's not forget that Nintendo is very stretched in terms of resources, so I'm not sure it has the time and manpower to sustain its old brands as well as invent new ones.

Then again, in the long term Nintendo's franchises are showing signs of stagnation within the core community and even within the die-hard Nintendo fanbase. Some refreshment is needed, and Nintendo has admitted as much. So as well as approaching old franchises with a fresh pair of eyes, completely new IP would also be fantastic.

However, Nintendo's greatest strength is its heritage and IP, and working on a new game altogether will have an impact on the manpower that would otherwise be working on the classic games that we love and want.

So, I think new IP would be a good idea for the long term, but probably financially unwise in the short term. Sorry for such a long, meandering answer, but it was a really good question!

What do you think of trophies and achievements, do you like them, hate them, or just indifferent to them? Do you think they have changed gaming much since they have been introduced? If there is one thing you could change when it comes to them, what would it be? - Lt Fatman
Chris - I've made my views on achievements known in the past - I'm hopelessly addicted to them and they've more or less shaped the way I play games this generation. I know that's wrong but I think making the entire console one big metagame with an overall high score table was absolute genius, and over the past seven years I've had plenty of battles with fellow writers as we've tried to overtake each other's Xbox 360 Gamerscore. Yes, it's safe to say I've played a lot of atrocious games this generation just to get the achievements, but I put it all down to experience and remember that these just maket he great games seem even better. Or something.
Rob - I hated them at first, basically because I was being a bit of a snob, suggesting that they somehow violate the pure fun of videogames. But then I loved them, and saw them as amazing challenges to overcome. Now I'm surrounded by them, on all platforms across different devices. I kind of don't notice them anymore.
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