Eidos Montreal on Thief: 'Dishonored is a kid of this grandfather'

Studio acknowledges similarities between the games, but says they're very different

It's easy to make surface level comparisons between last year's excellent Dishonored and next year's PC and next-gen release Thief as they draw from the same inspiration, but look a little deeper and you'll find they're very different games, Eidos Montreal has told us.


Asked if the similarities between the games being flagged up are fair and whether they're welcome in a newly published Thief interview, producer Stephane Roy said: "It's cool to see that Thief was a big inspiration for Dishonored. Thief started something new and Dishonored is a kid of this grandfather. On our side we played the game and it's a very, very good game. But they were more about revenge."

Lead level designer Daniel Windfeld Schmidt added: "So we loved the game. They did an awesome job. They really captured the cool feeling of the city with the art direction and so on.

"But when we were playing it, it was not what we wanted to do because they had very arcade, magical mechanics with teleportation and so on. That gave the player a lot of freedom and a lot of empowerment, but the game was about killing people and about revenge and we're like, "we just want to steal stuff! We're gonna steal from the poor. We're gonna steal from the rich. That's our mandate."

Schmidt continued: "A lot of Dishonored is about having a lot of different ways to play and combine powers. We're more about the nuanced options: how do you affect the environment with the tools you have? How do you manipulate the NPCs to circumvent them? So it's more about the nuances as the immersiveness of that experience. To really feel immersiveness you need to have relativity. This is one of the reasons we went for the mystical aspect over the magical aspect. We wanted to be more grounded and make it feel as if you're there pick-pocketing.

"If people had five arms you're going to be like, 'Whaaa..?' We need people to be able to relate to the real world within our world and that's very important for us. That's why you have the hands [always on display] and why the AI are very nuanced in terms of their different layers of reaction depending on what are doing.

"So there are similarities, yes, because the source of inspiration is the same. But Thief's a completely different game."

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