Where now for LucasArts' IPs?

We list the dream developers for LucasArts' roster of licenses

The death of LucasArts' development arm is a tragic one, but with great loss comes the likely possibility that its various, brilliant IPs will be licensed to other developers.

With that in mind, we've come up with a list of the studios we'd love to see trying their hand at new entries in these much-loved franchises. Feel free to come up with your own suggestions in the comments.

Monkey Island - Double Fine Productions

Let's start with the obvious one - the legendary Monkey Island series should be put back in the hands of its co-designer Tim Schafer. Double Fine is already working on a new point-and-click adventure game funded via a hugely successful Kickstarter, which should hopefully be enough to show Disney that gamers trust it to handle such a beloved series.


Day Of The Tentacle - Telltale Games

While it would be easy to chuck Day Of The Tentacle - LucasArts' other much-loved point-and-click adventure - in the direction of Double Fine too, it's worth bearing in mind that it's not the only studio with a love for pointing at things and doing stuff with them. Telltale Games has earned huge critical success recently with its Walking Dead adventure games, and its other licensed adventures - Back To The Future, Wallace & Gromit, Strong Bad and the like - were much loved too (let's pretend Jurassic Park didn't happen). More importantly, it was responsible for the episodic Tales Of Monkey Island games, and with Day Of The Tentacle's co-designer Dave Grossman currently working at Telltale, it's a no-brainer.


Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Arkane

Arkane shot to fame last year with the excellent Dishonoured, a game that successfully juggles storytelling, traditional FPS elements and an arsenal of super powers. We'd love to see them turn things upside-down and make the switch from Dunwall to Dagobah. Dark Forces was a revelation at the time and its subsequent sequels were much loved by Star Wars fans and gamers alike, so we'd love to see what Arkane can do with Kyle Katarn in a stealthy scenario.


Star Wars 1313 - Epic Games

The death of LucasArts means Star Wars 1313, its in-development action game, has seemingly been cancelled. However, that doesn't mean it'll definitely never see the light of day - after all, a LucasFilm rep explained that the game could still be licensed to another developer, completed and released by them. As such a stellar showcase for Epic's Unreal Engine, it wouldn't be out of the question to see the Gears developer itself take up the development mantle. We'd also be fairly confident that an Epic version would have great online multiplayer, so why not?


X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter - 1C: Maddox Games

Good dogfighting games are few and far between these days, but Russian studio 1C: Maddox Games has been delivering the consistently brilliant Il 2 Sturmovik series for more than a decade. While it does seem firmly focused on the World War II era, we'd love to see Maddox taking on the Star Wars license and bringing its dogfighting physics to an outer space environment. A console version could be outsourced to Gaijin Entertainment, who worked on the excellent Il 2 Sturmovil: Birds Of Prey.


Indiana Jones - Naughty Dog

Considering the Uncharted games are essentially Indiana Jones games without the license, it goes without saying that Naughty Dog would be the ideal company to make the first truly great Indiana Jones game since the Amiga days (unless you want to count the Lego ones). It seems unlikely the developer would kick Nathan Drake to the side, mind you, so we're going to be bold and suggest a crossover game where Drake and Jones team up. Think about it - Nathan and Indy co-op would be excellent, right?


Star Wars: Battlefront - DICE

Battlefront III was all but finished in 2008, having been developed by Free Radical Games, but was ultimately never released. Consequently we've been waiting nearly eight years for another console entry in the series. It'll likely never happen, but every time we close our eyes and think about a DICE-developed Battlefront, it feels like the most perfect relationship that could ever happen in gaming. We can dream.


Over to you - if you were the top dog at Disney and had control over LucasArts' various licenses and IPs, what development studios would you like to see in charge of them? Maniac Mansion at Maxis? Super Star Wars at WayForward? A Criterion Games remake of Episode I Racer? Let us know in the comments below.