Cage: What we are doing with PlayStation 4 is 'another world'

"If I showed it to you, you would be amazed" says Heavy Rain creative lead

The creative director of Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dream has suggested that his mystery PS4 project will provide a distinct visual leap over current generation technology.

Cage demonstrates a PS4 concept at Sony's PlayStation Meeting, Feb 2013

In an interview with CVG, Cage assured that the graphical quality of his upcoming project (Beyond: Two Souls) is entirely representative of PS3 capabilities and not a next-gen upgrade. There has been some suspicion that the project, starring Ellen Page, was in development for both consoles, and that the highly detailed renders of the game were of the next-gen version.

"I know that some people are surprised by what we can do on PS3 with Beyond, and we have heard many people even question whether this is a current-gen game. But trust me, if I showed you what we're doing with the PS4 you would be amazed. It's really surprising. It's another world," Cage said.

He added that the key features of the next console cycle will be "more subtlety, more nuance, more detail".

In February, during Sony's official PlayStation 4 press conference in New York, Cage took stage to showcase early demonstrations of what the studio can do with the advanced tech.

A growing number of developers have praised Sony's new system for both its perceived developer-centric approach, along with its 8GB of super-fast GDDR5 unified memory. Epic Games exec Mark Rein has likened the PlayStation 4 to "a really perfect gaming PC".

However, the console's architecture is completely different to the Cell-based PS3, meaning that it is unlikely that games such as Beyond will be coded and rewritten for both systems.

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