PS4 more desirable than mobiles, GameStop survey suggests

New data claims next Sony console is the hot product among gamers

PlayStation 4 is the most desirable gadget of 2013 among games enthusiasts, according to a new questionnaire undertaken by retail chain GameStop.


The next Sony console was named the most anticipated machine with 34 per cent of the survey panel declaring an interest in buying the system, a number which outperforms smartphones (23 per cent) and tablets (22 per cent).

However the methodology of the survey was not disclosed, and the audience were targeted GameStop customers, meaning that the results do not necessarily represent the wider consumer market. Meanwhile, Microsoft's next generation Xbox was left off the list, likely due to it not being announced.

On Tuesday, GameStop chief executive Paul Raines said the next generation Xbox will be "a very hot, compelling device".

GameStop has said that nearly 900,000 consumers have signed up to receive the retailer's early info on PS4. Sony has set a PS4 release date for the end of 2013.