Video: Epic's Infiltrator offers latest showcase of Unreal Engine 4

"Draw your own conclusions" as to whether it'll run on PS4, says studio

Epic Games has debuted a new Unreal Engine 4 demo at GDC.


Titled 'Infiltrator', the impressive tech demonstration was shown running in real time during a behind the scenes presentation in San Francisco, and Epic engineers manipulated lighting and other in-engine techniques to prove it.

Epic claimed the demo was running on the same specs used to powers last year's Elemental video - the same tech demo that's now been shown to run on PlayStation 4.

The high-end PC used at GDC was made up of a single Nvidia GTX680 card coupled with 16GB of RAM and a "recent" CPU, the developer said.

Speaking in a meeting attended by CVG, Epic VP Mark Rein hinted that eventually Infiltrator will run on Sony's next-gen console.

"Let's put it this way: last year we showed you the Elemental demo running on this same piece of hardware, and now this year we're showing Elemental running on PlayStation 4. So I would say, draw your own conclusions."

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Although no specifics were offered, it what suggested the tech demo was built by a small team in just a few months.

Most impressive were Rein's claims that the sprawling metropolis shown at the end of the demo was built for real in Unreal Engine 4.

"It's all geometry," he said. "In the past we would've drawn what was in the foreground and painted the rest of it into a sky box - a matte painting. We have so much capability with Unreal Engine 4 that we can have amazing levels of detail."