Ask CVG Anything: Best multiplayer game, are games getting worse?

Plus: Do you miss game manuals? Are Move and Kinect the future of gaming?

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What's been your favourite multiplayer game? It can be online or local, preferably with one of you saying it's Mario Kart 64 or Pro Evo on the PS2. - El Mag
Rob - It's Mario Kart 64. That game... fucking hell, that game. What a game.
Chris - Of all time? Either the original International Superstar Soccer on the SNES, ISS 64 on the Nintendo 64 or WWF No Mercy on Nintendo 64 (40-man Royal Rumble mode, pinfalls only - when you get beaten you control the next person who runs in - genius).

Tamoor - Hmmmm. I can't decide between Counter-Strike or Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. Ah man, I had such a good time with Power Stone too. I'm sorry, I can't make a call.

Move? Kinect? Oculus Rift? Are these gimmicks or are they going to be the future or integral parts of the way we play games? - StonecoldMC
Tamoor - I'm not sure if they're going to become the primary way that we play games, but I think many of the ideas they present will be assimilated into our gaming experience, both playing the games and interacting with consoles. It's already kind of happening with Microsoft and the Kinect, I think Sony will try something similar. Occulus Rift, I'm not so sure about.
Chris - I don't think they'll ever be integral. I know it seems likely Microsoft will make a new Kinect mandatory for the next Xbox but there will be a war if they try to integrate it with Call Of Duty or FIFA. Move was the one that had most potential to become the standard (since it's essentially a Wii Remote and it did okay) but the fact that the PS4 comes with a new DualShock shows that traditional controllers will always be here to stay. And it's a good job, too.

Should the God of War trophy have been renamed or is juvenile humour part of video gaming culture? - Bambis Dad
Tamoor - Renaming it was the right call, juvenile humour or not, it was quite obviously offensive and upsetting to many.
Rob - Personally I feel the issue was overblown. I don't like juvenile, sexist humour personally - primarily because it doesn't make me laugh. But I don't want to cut the balls off every man who found that joke funny either. Anyway, it all reeks of PR stunt.
Chris - I hate people who get offended about everything but I am happy they changed it. The obvious reason is that it must make female gamers feel awkward while playing it - and saying "what about the naked ladies in the game and what Kratos gets up to with them" isn't really a valid argument because that sort of thing happens in Greek mythology whereas calling them "hoes" doesn't. The main reason I'm personally glad they changed it though is because it's a shit joke anyway and it jars with the tone of the game.

Why are games getting worse, is it because of accessibility or everyone having low standards? - Onomatopoeia
Tamoor - Games aren't getting worse.
Chris - Games aren't getting worse, they're getting better. The problem is that members of online forums - who are the minority of gamers, remember - are never satisfied and act like something as trivial as a game's ending is as offensive as someone slapping their mothers in the face. Games aren't getting worse, everyone's just getting pettier.
Rob - Games are a fascinating medium because expectations climb continually. While the Godfather (1972) can stand shoulder to shoulder with The Departed (2006), games of previous decades are not even comparable with modern titles. Now, obviously there are some amazing, incredible gems of the past, but overall I feel that the quality bar has been raised immeasurably. With that in mind, I'm afraid I can't answer your question.

Why are people perceiving games to be getting worse when they aren't? - FishyGinger
Rob - People tend to act cynical because they think it's clever.
Chris - That's more like it, now you're talking my language. I don't want to get too far into psychology but many forumites (not just gamers, mind) are an attention-seeking bunch and it's easier to get people's attention by being vocally livid at every little thing you disagree with, than it is by saying you like something. Anyone who claims Mass Effect 3's ending was an absolute disgrace and that PlayStation 1 graphics make them feel physically ill is grossly exaggerating in my eyes.

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