New PS4 details - raises friend limit, headset included, 'very large' HDD

Sony shows off more of its next-generation console at GDC

Sony has just wrapped up its PS4-centric presentation at GDC in San Francisco during which it shared new information on the high-end console.


First up, multiplayer gamers will be pleased to know that Sony will include a mono microphone/headset with every PS4, reports CVG's Andy Robinson, who was in attendance, via Twitter.

The firm also said that a split/screen multiplayer game could use the PS4 Eye to identify where players are sat and move the windows around to be suit each player's location in front of the TV.

The DualShock 4's lightbar - the illuminated panel across the top of the controller - will assist player recognition by shining a different colour on each controller in use. The lightbar, Sony said, can also be used for in-game effects such as gun muzzle flash health bars.

Sony showed off cute augmented reality demo featuring little robots living inside the controller. The could player shake the pad and press buttons to interact with the robots.

Sony also confirmed during the presentation that it will raise the PSN friend limit on PS4, according to IGN. It didn't specify what the new limit will be, but currently the PS3 enforces a 100-friend limit.

It also promised that every PS4 will come with a "very large hard drive", but again held off confirming capacities.

IGN also reports that the DualShock 4 controller will come with an extension port on it - likely to provide the possibility for add-ons in future. It will also revert back to regular digital buttons, doing away with the pressure-sensitive buttons on the PS2 and PS3 controllers due to the fact that no one used them on PS3.

THe PS4 will also charge the DualShock 4 (via a USB cable) even when on standby, unlike the PS3, which has to be fully switched on to provide power to drained controllers.

Sony has pencilled in a "holiday 2013" PS4 release date for the machine.