You're doing it wrong: 10 games that reward you for failure

You lose... congratulations, here's your prize!

To unlock most achievements and trophies you have to actually accomplish something - that's why they called them 'achievements' in the first place, right? However, every now and then a game comes along that does the opposite, by giving you recognition for making a complete hash of things. Here we've picked our ten favourites, let us know the best virtual award you've received for failing in the comments below.



Good Listener - Take GLaDOS' escape advice (Bronze / 5G)

If you've played the original Portal, or indeed paid any attention to the initial storyline in Portal 2, you'll know that Aperture Science's wayward AI system GLaDOS isn't exactly your biggest fan. After destroying her at the end of the original game, she makes no secret of the fact that she wants to exact her revenge and eventually kill you.

Therefore alarm bells should have been ringing during your escape through the testing facility with Wheatley, when GLaDOS suddenly offers you an easy way out. A big welcoming heart forms on the wall of an adjacent chamber and an exit door opens to reveal lush greenery beyond. Could this be your chance for escape to salvation?

In a word - no. If you're foolish enough to listen to GLaDOS' advice and follow her lead, the exit closes cruelly in your face and you're quickly dispatched with blast of the ol' neurotoxin gas. You should really have known better, but at least you earn a small reward for your gullibility.



Getting My Ass Kicked - Die enough to get offered Easy Mode (Bronze)

As Kratos, the powerful Spartan warrior, you'll literally tear through thousands of enemies during the course of this original instalment in the series. Imbued with the strength of a God, no man or monster can stand in the way of your progress - unless you've set the difficulty too high, that is.

Unlike most modern games, in God of War you can't change the difficulty level once you've made your initial choice, but if you overestimated your abilities the game won't punish you for your hubris. Get killed in the same area enough times and you'll be offered the chance to drop down to the easiest setting, though by accepting it you will have to admit that the game was kicking your ass.



So Close... - The Old Warehouse - Reach the end with all characters... and fail (Bronze)

If you want to get the best endings from the many conclusions available in Heavy Rain, you need to make the right choices to keep all of your characters alive until the story is complete. However, for this award you have to successfully guide them all through to the final chapter... but then still completely cock everything up.

After bringing everyone to the Old Warehouse, allow Jayden to be killed during his big fight and get Madison arrested while trying to convince Carter Blake that Ethan is innocent. After rescuing Shaun and reviving him, have Ethan carry the boy to the warehouse door but put him down before opening it, then prepare yourself for one of the saddest of all possible outcomes. At least you have another trophy for your collection to console you.

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