Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Achievements leak

Unannounced project rumoured to be a downloadable spin-off

A list of Achievements for yet to be officially announced project Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon have emerged online.


The game is rumoured to be a downloadable spin-off from Ubisoft's well received shooter.

Here's the list of Achievements, courtesy of Exophase:

  • Welcome to the Party, Pal - Finished Helicopter Entry (10G)
  • One Small Step - Finished First Garrison (20G)
  • Way to Go, Garri-Son - Finish all the Garrisons (20G)
  • Kill Them All - Finish all the Predator's Path Quests (20G)
  • End Game - Finished Final Showdown (50G)
  • Nice Like Jesus - Finish all the Hostages Situations (5G)
  • Murder Nature - Kill all the Animal Types (30G)
  • Set Them Free - Destroy 5 Braincages (5G)
  • Just the Tip - Kill a Dragon with the Bow (15G)
  • Blood Dragon Down - Kill Your First Dragon (20G)
  • Dragon Slayer - Kill 25 Dragons (20G)
  • What are You Reading For? - Find all of Dr. Carlyle's Notes (20G)
  • The Greatest Format of all Time - Find all VHS Tapes (20G)
  • Hail to the King - Reach Maximum Level and Become the Ultimate Badass (40G)
  • Running man - After saving Darling, enter Combat Mode with a Dragon and Return to Stealth (30G)
  • Tooled Up - Own all Weapons Attachments (20G)
  • Derp - Jump Down from 50 Meters (20G)
  • The Drug of the Nation - Find all TV SETS to Decrypt the Hidden Message (20G)
  • The Only True Stopper - Headshot Every Type of Enemy (15G)