Sony open to having paid alphas on all platforms

Company fine with unfinished games as long as they're not overly buggy

Sony says it's open to hosting pay-for versions of incomplete games on all of its platforms.


That's the case as long as they don't have any "bugs that are completely destroying the world", Sony's VP of publisher and developer relations Adam Boyes told Joystiq.

He cited free-to-play FPS Dust 514 as "a great example of putting out content that you know is not final", but added: "If you want to monetize it, that's fine. I mean, if you want to put out a game that's playable and does pass the checklists and stuff, you can. If it doesn't sell and you can't support, you may not want to support, but we absolutely support that.

"We allow that on all of our platforms, that sort of continually updating and selling. Again, if people buy it and they're passionate about it, and you want to improve it and make it better over time you can."

Earlier this week, Mojang announced plans to launch collectible card game Scrolls on PC in April as a beta at a discounted rate, a strategy the studio also employed for its previous game Minecraft, which debuted at €10 before the price rose to €15 and eventually €20 as it became more feature complete.