Battlefield 4: DICE 'not actively looking at Wii U', won't talk next-gen

Upcoming shooter only announced for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

DICE isn't currently looking at bringing Battlefield 4 to Wii U and hasn't confirmed plans to launch the game on next-gen consoles.


Studio general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson told GamesRadar: "We are not actively looking at the Wii U right now."

He said that the next entry in the military shooter series "will release on the platforms that we feel are suitable for the gaming experience that we have".

This presumably includes PS4 and the next Xbox, but DICE isn't willing to discuss next-gen plans yet. Asked if the game will be available on upcoming Sony and Microsoft consoles, Troedsson told the Guardian.

"We're in very interesting times right now. We're on the verge of something brand new. We've been part of these transitions before and we know that great things come out of them. But we're DICE - we've been around for 20 years and we're not that quick to jump on hype trains - we move at a steady pace, we tread carefully."

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Battlefield 4 is currently scheduled for release this autumn on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.