Ubisoft exec thinks Rayman Legends will be 'a huge Wii U system seller'

France Studios boss says major games needed to boost Nintendo console sales

Ubisoft France Studios head Xavier Poix expects Rayman Legends to be a "huge system seller" for Wii U.


Echoing comments made earlier this month by Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot - who praised Wii U but said the console "just has to sell more" - Poix told that he's anticipating improved momentum for the system later this year following the release of major first and third party games.

"We don't have any [Wii U] disappointments compared to the installed base. We are just hoping that Nintendo's results for Wii U will be a bit bigger," he said.

"Selling a new way of playing can take some time, and we know the power of the brands from Nintendo and we know from the fans that the majority of what will be the system sellers are not yet available. And on our side, Rayman will be one of them for sure. We really expect Rayman to be a huge system seller on the console."

In late January, Nintendo lowered its annual Wii U sales forecast from 5.5 million units to four million following weaker than expected demand for the console.

And just a week later Ubisoft announced that the formerly Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends, which had been due to launch at the end of February, would now hit stores in September as a multiplatform game.

Ubisoft subsequently issued a statement claiming there were no issues with development and that "the only reason for the delay is to release on multiple platforms."

The publisher's executive director for EMEA territories, Alain Corre, also said this month that the company would welcome a Wii U price cut.

UK retailers claimed last week that unofficial Wii U price cuts haven't had the desired impact - and called on Nintendo to act fast if it wants to revive the console's flagging sales. In response, Nintendo UK has confirmed plans to meet with all of its retail partners to "take them through our plans for building Wii U momentum over the course of 2013".