Ubisoft Toronto studio boss: 'There is only room for 10 triple-A titles a year'

Free-to-play and mobile leading change

Ubisoft Toronto studio boss Jade Raymond believes that with recent changes to the games industry, there is no longer room for more than ten triple-A titles a year.


As the free-to-play business model becomes increasingly popular, Raymond has told The Guardian that "big publishers have to be honest with themselves."

"There's still room for great triple-A games, that can despite the budget, retain the classic model of expecting people to pay in one big chunk," Raymond explained.

"There's only room for let's say ten successful titles a year on those sorts of budgets," she continued. "So you have to go all-in on those; you have to be sure you'll have a hit, and when you make it you have to invest everything to make sure it's amazing."

Expectations from consumers are changing as free-to-play becomes the norm, and more people feel they deserve to try the game before committing to spending money.

As the market shifts and changes, Raymond says "we have to figure out how to make that type of thing work with console games as well."

Ubisoft currently has Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, and Watch Dogs set for release this year.