Sony announces Primal Carnage: Genesis for PS4

Unreal Engine 4 powered game will be released episodically

Primal Carnage: Genesis is an episodic, first-person game powered by Unreal Engine 4 - and it's headed to PS4.


The dinosaur-themed title will feature "a mix of linear gameplay and open-world exploration from a first-person human perspective". According to Sony's announcement, "next-generation rendering is key to selling the lush island environment".

Developed by Lukewarm Media, it follows the PC-only release of Primal Carnage in 2012. The 2012 title was an asymmetrical multiplayer shooter, while Genesis is described as an immersive, story-driven experience, and will be released episodically in a similar fashion to The Walking Dead.

No release window has been confirmed and the game is in its early stages of development.

On the topic of episodic storytelling, Lukewarm Media game director Aston Andersen said the decision to go with episodic content was difficult, but fits the nature of the title. "The episodic method ended up being the clear victor due to the versatile nature of creating a story episode by episode.

"It allows us a lot of wiggle room, because one unique advantage of the episodic model is the ability for player feedback from the first episode to affect the development of the following episodes. Do players want to see more of a certain mechanic? Maybe people didn't like playing a certain segment of the game, thus steering our focus elsewhere."

Check out the reveal trailer below, followed by some screenshots:

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