Diablo 3 console port: no auction houses, new gameplay video released

Offline play for both single and multiplayer confirmed

Blizzard has confirmed the Diablo 3 console port will not include real money auction houses, or require a constant internet connection to play.


The Diablo 3 console port will instead use a trading system similar to Diablo 2.

A Blizzard representative explained to Polygon that "players can trade (whether offline or online) using an in-game menu. They just need to be playing the same game."

Diablo 3 on console will be playable offline in both single player and multiplayer mode, as opposed to the PC version which requires an internet connection. Slight changes have also been made to the gameplay mechanics in order to adapt the game for PS3 controller use.

Blizzard has confirmed Diablo 3 will be coming to PS3 and PS4, however it is not ready to dismiss other platforms.

A new video showcasing changes made to the console port has also been unveiled, as below.

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