Forthcoming Halo 4 update will introduce new Forge map

Free update will also add x-markers and competitive skill ranking

A forthcoming Halo 4 update will introduce a new map, as well as the introduction of a promised skill ranking system.


343 Industries confirmed recently that x-markers will be introduced in a forthcoming update, as well as competitive skill ranking features for multiplayer. Now, in addition to those features, the developer has confirmed a new map.

Speaking at PAX East (via Polygon) representatives for 343 Industries confirmed the new map will be introduced as part of a free update. Entitled Forge Island, it's a response to fan demand for a map featuring flat surfaces. It will be downloadable from April 11.

Meanwhile, it was confirmed that the promised competitive skill ranking system for multiplayer will be introduced early next month.

343 Industries will also release a new Castle map pack on April 8, which will feature six-versus-six maps and nine fresh achievements.