Video: Left 4 Dead characters do battle in Resident Evil 6

See the PC-bound Resi 6 crossover DLC in action

Capcom has released a gameplay video to show off the Left 4 Dead characters fighting off zombie hordes in Resident Evil 6.


As reported last week, Capcom and Valve have partnered up to deliver free crossover content for their respective zombie games as free downloads for PC players.

Characters from Left 4 Dead 2 - Coach, Nick, Ellis and Rochelle - will make the jump to Resident Evil 6 for a shootout in the game's PC-exclusive 'The Mercenaries No Mercy' mode when the free DLC pack arrives on April 5.

L4D2 Special Infected, the Witch and a 'Mini Tank', will also make an appearance.

The first gameplay footage of this DLC is below, showing L4D2 characters in a battle for survival in a Resident Evil 6 setting.

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