Diablo 3 console port 'not necessarily a Sony exclusive', says dev

Blizzard not ready to dismiss other-platform releases

The console version of Diablo 3 may not be restricted to PlayStation.


The game has so far only been confirmed for PS3 and PS4 releases, with no mention of a version for Xbox.

But when quizzed on the game's exclusivity to Sony consoles, lead designer Joshua Mosqueira told Penny Arcade, "We don't have any announcements to make at this time, but we're not necessarily a Sony exclusive."

It has also been confirmed that the console port will allow for offline play - something which the PC version does not - and single-screen multiplayer.

"We really felt that playing offline, and being able to move your console from the living room to your bedroom, which a lot of players do to play, is really important," said Mosqueira.

Blizzard today released a gameplay video for Diablo 3 running on PS3 to coincide with the console port's playable appearance at PAX East.