Microsoft gifts 1600 MS Points following Xbox Awards security breach

MS confirms leaked details, offers free points as "gesture of goodwill"

Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox Entertainment Awards voting app had leaked the personal information of a number of users online, and is offering free Microsoft Points as compensation.


Voting was suspended and the awards website taken offline for 'maintenance' following concerns of a security breach on Tuesday, March 19.

The platform holder has today sent messaging to affected users confirming the breach, which saw names, email addresses, Gamertags and birth dates exposed via an online web page momentarily.

"The voting app inadvertently disclosed a limited amount of participants' personal data for a brief time to a non-public web page. We took immediate steps to remove the application from its UK Facebook page and sincerely apologise for the error," said MS in the statement.

"The information available for that brief time was generated from the prize draw form you filled in and was limited to your name, email address, Gamertag and date of birth. No other information was recorded or available. The information disclosed cannot be used to directly compromise your Microsoft Account. However, to ensure that you have the appropriate security in place on your Microsoft Account we highly recommend you visit

"We have removed the "Xbox LIVE Awards Programme Competition" element of the Xbox Entertainment Awards and have closed this Facebook prize promotion," it added.

The distributed email also contains an Xbox Live code for recipients to redeem 1600 MS Points for free "as a gesture of goodwill". Codes expire on June 30.