Comments of the Week: It looks like Battlefield 3 but fourer

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"It looks like Battlefield 3 but fourer." - TheLastDodo

It's built from the ground up to be fourer, offers the most compelling fouring experience ever.

"Well, i read that headline wrong and didn't get what i was expecting! - Barry316

We're sure the internet has that angle covered too, Google is your friend.

"I'd like to see Garriot, Yerli and Cage debating the subject: Why my games are superior to yours..." - toaplan

I'd like to see it given the Celebrity Deathmatch treatment.

"Woohoo! Colonial Marines 2! Yes please!" - CatfishMurphy

Gahahahahaha... wait, are you serious?

"It's called "Stinky Footboard". Something tells me it's probably almost immune to bullying." - Balladeer

It worked for Eminem.